About Us

The Strike Zone Knockouts are based out of Belton, Texas. The KO girls call the Strike Zone hitting facility home. They are lead by Coaches Korey Reeder, Bear Updyke and Austin Cammack. 


This KO team has a pack mentality. "We before Me". Not one individual is more important than the other, they each have very important roles to play and they are always looking out for each other. Their insane dedication to performance is matched only by a discipline that is beyond their years. This pack of girls is teeming with personality and love for team softball. They understand that to succeed as a team they must stay rooted in these beliefs.

Each one of these young ladies are outstanding at following and executing orders from their coaches but will also amaze you with their ability to think on their feet and make executive decisions in the heat of play. 

This is a spectacular group of young athletes and we are excited for you to get to watch them play.